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STATISTICS FROM CBN and FAO showed that Nigeria, with over 160million people is grossly underprovided with a vital food component. For instance, this report revealed that milk production has been on the decline. This is compounded by a very low supply of eggs with an average of 10.56g available per person per day as against the recommendation of one egg (56.7g) per person in the day which will translate to 30 eggs per month per person.

This results in a supply and demand gap (demand for egg outstripping supply) this is one of the consequences of the high cost of egg products. This has also been compounded by the rising cost of birds’ feeds in the country.

To reduce these pains on the citizenry the Government has shifted attention to all sub-sectors of agriculture with a view to making the country self-sufficient in food production, reduce importation, conserve our foreign exchange, diversify the economy and above all, create jobs in the country. It also called on all Nigerians to help actualize these objectives.

This is a call we heeded to through the birth of C-3V FARMS LIMITED.

C-3V Farms Limited

C-3V Farms Limited is a limited liability company incorporated under the companies and allied matters act of the federal republic of Nigeria on the 10th of September, 2015 with the objective of engaging in agribusiness.

Our Vision

To be the foremost provider of affordable but Quality Agricultural products to our customers in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To provide affordable but quality agricultural products through excellent customer care and best practices to our customers while satisfying the needs of other relevant stakeholders.

Core Values

Our entire business operations rest upon our Core Values with the acronym PIICCAPS:

  • PProfessionalism
  • I Integrity
  • I Innovation
  • CCompliance
  • CCustomer satisfaction
  • A Accountability
  • P Perseverance
  • S Safety

Value Creation

Our business philosophy is centered on Creating and Adding Value to meet our customer’s needs because when this is achieved, the money will naturally follow.